Key Staff Contacts
Heritage College Staff

Heritage College staff are dedicated to fostering a love of learning in each and every child. Please use the contact details below to get in touch with our staff members.

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Mr Sonny Aiono
Mr Mark Roberts
Business Manager
Mr Darren Martin
Head of Secondary
Mr Roger Sevenhuysen
Head of Primary
Ms Kristin Hankins
OCP Campus Coordinator
Mrs Jo Capon
NCP Head of Campus
Mrs Tam Dobson
Executive Administrator
Mrs Tigist Alemu
Mrs Jackie Saluni
Enrolments Coordinator
Mrs Venitta Ah Tune-Cocker
Office Administration
Ms Ellen Schwalger
Office Administration
Ms Naomi Thomas
Office Administration
Miss April Van Bezouwen
NC ELC Assistant Director
Ms Vanessa Rahiman
OC ELC Assistant Director
Mrs Sheila Kendrick
Bus Manager
Mr Evan Varty
Year 7 and 8 Level Leader
Mr Scott Camps
Year 9 and 10 Level Leader
Ms Elyse Taylor
Year 11 and 12 Level Leader