What our families say about Heritage College
Discover what our families love about Heritage College.
We had no idea as to the offerings which our daughter could get in Year 11 and 12 at a small school like ours. Thank you for your time and effort in running this evening for us.
Parent feedback from 'Year 6 Transition to Secondary Information Evening' 
Great school with a great focus on Christian education and building a better academic reputation. I have children at this school and my eldest is about to finish year 12 with a great ATAR. The final exams will show the final ATAR but for now we are pretty excited. The teachers genuinely care about the students and there is great communication between parents and teachers. I have enjoyed being a part of Heritage and my children have other schools to compare this school to and we all agree that this school provides great opportunities and we are all happy here.
Rachel (2017)
Thank you so much for the Father's Day gifts that were distributed to all the nearby houses! Very sweet and thoughtful.
Niroshi commenting 3-5 year old program  (2017)
  Heritage College is not just the place where our children are educated.  It is the place that our children go to learn, make lifelong friends, discover new things and learn to interact with children from many different backgrounds.  It is the place where they are nurtured mentally, physically and spiritually. It is the place where they have been encouraged to be the best person they can possibly be and are encouraged to carry out the school’s ethos of Respect, Resillience, Service and Excellence in their everyday interaction with their peers, teachers and others. We have always loved how Heritage College not only caters to our children’s needs but also encourages open communication and interaction between the parents and the school as well.  We are a school family, and when the school and home work together harmoniously, the outcome is always a positive one for the child. For us personally, that success has been reflected in our children’s academic results and how they treat others with respect and dignity. As parents, we feel fully confident that Heritage College is the best place for us to have our children educated in a safe, fun and ever evolving learning environment.
Noah & Jackie
Choosing a school for your child/ren to attend is one of the most difficult decisions a parent will ever make. We as parents want our children to succeed academically, emotionally, spiritually and socially. Our children have been part of Heritage College for almost 7 years and it has been the best decision we have ever made.  Both our girls have achieved academic success and have blossomed into well rounded, confident, caring and loving children who respect others and love God.  It is the sense of belonging, love and compassion the staff and teachers have for the school and students that makes the school truly special. Heritage College is not just a place where our children learn but for us it’s become our ” home” away from home, our extended family.  We are blessed and privileged to be part of this amazing school/family and know that no matter what the future lies for our girls, the values and strong foundation that Heritage College has instilled in them will help guide them through life’s journey.
Clint & Glenore
The love and dedication to the students and families from the school is amazing. So happy!
This is a great school, my children went there and now three of my grandchildren attend this school.
I really enjoyed spending time with my son this morning for Mother's Day. It was great fun. The kids sang us songs, read to us and tested us on our times tables. We had worship and played games then ended with another song. Sorry I couldn't stay for the morning tea. Great job teachers and students!
Carla, commenting on our annual Mother's Day Community Walk & Morning Tea  

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