Stand Tall Fun Day 2019
Friday 1 Feb

A very important aspect of the Heritage College learning experience is the positive culture and atmosphere that our students grow and learn in.

In order to establish the expectations of our positive culture and our positive values, Heritage College will facilitate a fun culture building day on the first Friday of the term.

This day will be about all of our staff and students coming together and taking part in value targeted and designed activities to establish the expectations for all members of the College community.

Remember, if students are immersed in a happy, positive, caring environment – then the learning will increase because students feel they can take risks with their learning more readily and they have a more positive experience every day.

Here are the details:
When: Friday the 1st of Feb

What:  Stand Tall Fun Day (activities to explore the College values)

Where: Officer Campus

How:  NWS students to travel by bus and will join all OC students for most of the day.

Times: 9:30am to 1:30pm

What to wear:  Students must wear their sports uniform

What to bring: Water bottle (Lunch and snacks will be provided on the day)

Who: Years 1 to 12
(All prep students will remain in their regular classes for that day and carry out similar activities).


The day will be completed by 1:30pm and parents will be welcome to sign students out a little early.