Stand Tall Fun Day 2019


Heritage College places importance on setting the culture amongst both staff and the student community. In order to set the culture for the year ahead, Heritage College hosts ‘Stand Tall Day’, where the four values of the college are explored: Excellence, Resilience, Service, and Respect. 

Combining all students from both Narre Warren South (P-6) and Officer campus (P-12)  into one large cohort for the day at Officer campus, conditions were perfect for a morning spent in challenges throughout different stations. The students enjoyed learning, exploring and participating at each station: climbing through an inflatable castle that got bodies moving and blood pumping, discussions on uniform and etiquette, card making as a gesture for others and survival games. With the help of teaching staff on hand, students had the opportunity to discover the four college values: Resilience, Excellence, Service, and Respect.

Snack stations were prepared by the catering team on hand, with water bottles and fresh fruit served to hungry students after each activity, ensuring everyone was well hydrated. The catering and bus driver team managed to serve 28kg of oranges and handed out hundreds of hot dog rolls, with a very efficient method of preparing and serving hot dog in under 3 seconds!

Every student and staff member enjoyed their meal in the sunshine to reflect on their learning and opportunities from the day. Stand Tall 2019 Day was a great success, with our staff reflecting:

“Stand tall builds culture of the college – it’s fantastic to see our students on campus learning about resilience, learning about what excellence means, as well as observing the values of service and respect in others.”

“Our senior students stopped to help out with the younger primary students, demonstrating leadership as great role models.”

“Stand Tall Day is the day for Heritage College to talk about the values that we abide by, as well as a chance to demonstrate them; whether we are a student or staff member. Everyone here on campus is part of setting the culture of the school”

We thank all of the students who participated and gave their very best, the staff who hosted and served, and all parents for coming alongside and joining in this morning’s activities. With a great day of values, we look forward to continuing the year in strength, demonstrating our four core values of Excellence, Resilience, Respect, and Service throughout 2019.