National Day Against Bullying
Friday 15 Mar


On Friday 15th March, Heritage College will be participating in the National Day of Action Against Bullying. This will be a day where our students and teachers will discuss the implications of bullying and what we can all do to ensure it does not happen at our college.

We define bullying as ongoing, repeated physical and/ or emotional attacks at one person by another person or group of people. This makes the targeted person feel less valued and makes the bully seem more powerful. This is different from a one-off incident and the two should never be confused. We take bullying extremely seriously at Heritage College and the term should never be used lightly.

On this day we will be discussing bullying in our classrooms where teachers will facilitate conversations and students will participate in relevant activities. Our aim is to EMPOWER our students to STAND TALL AGAINST BULLYING and to ensure everyone at Heritage College feels happy, respected and safe.

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