Tomorrow’s Leaders

Heritage College Captains appear in Cranbourne Leader 

As part of a special education edition, the Cranbourne Leader newspaper recently ran an editorial piece on local schools and their emerging leaders. Heritage College captains, Alana and Tibesso were invited to participate and were asked, ‘what difference can your generation make in the world?’

Here’s the response from our College Captains:

There’s a Latin proverb that states: ‘times change and we change with them’. Life just couldn’t be any quicker. A moment ago we began high school, and here we are, in our last year of school. ‘Generation Z’ as we are known, born at the foundation of the 21st century, has seen the rapid development of technology, unlocking key information into many cancers, allergies and vitamin deficiencies. Surely the generations to come will do even more incredible things that will leave many people astounded, even the very wisest of our generation.

Just like the Latin proverb, we can review the past through the lens of history, and our today will soon enough become tomorrow’s history lesson.  Did the first man know that humans need a roof above their heads to sleep? Did Benjamin Franklin know his research into electricity would be a shining light to paving the way for Thomas Edison to develop the renowned light bulb for us to enjoy today?

It’s too hard to call what our generation might be able to achieve, but we are sure that whatever one individual does, it can inspire another to something far greater.

You can also see their response in the online edition at or visit your local newsagent to collect your free copy.