Breakfast Club at Officer Campus Primary: 15,000 meals and counting

Students at Heritage College Officer Campus (Primary) embrace a hearty breakfast to start their school day well. Every morning during school term, a team of dedicated parents, student and staff volunteer their time to serve breakfast for many who may miss the most important meal of the day. 

The Breakfast Club at Heritage College is an initiative developed by parent Mrs Carmel Ackerman, who became aware of several primary students coming to school, already hungry before they started their studies.

“I saw they were coming with no food in their tummies and with very little food throughout the day, so I thought I needed to do something. I approached the school and they agreed, so we started with a daily program of serving a healthy breakfast of cereals, toast and yoghurt. We’ve served breakfast daily since the program began”. ~ Carmel Ackerman, Initiator of Breakfast Club program at Officer Campus

Staring in Term 2, 2018, Breakfast Club has made a huge difference to student performance. Teaching staff at Officer Campus Primary are quick to praise the initiative, saying that it helps to improve concentration throughout the day, with students more settled and less restless during class time. 

Lead Teacher at Officer Campus Primary, Mrs Kim Nuske says,

“Breakfast Club is a simple way to top-up little tummies who come to school running on empty – sometimes because parents are off to work early, others because there is little left in the pantry by the end of the week. We serve them a nutritious breakfast of cereal and toast, students gather around the tables together and a community is built between them”.

Member for Latrobe, Mr Jason Wood, commended the initiative, saying,

“The Breakfast Club initiative at Officer Campus supports the broader community by promoting healthy eating habits for life. It supports hard-working parents, ensuring that no child goes without a healthy breakfast, and allows them to do their best throughout the day.”

Breakfast club is also a way of demonstrating and extending the values system of service and resilience, as Year 6 students step in to serve younger students if one parent is temporarily unavailable. As a result, the community that is developed between primary staff, parents and students continue to be strengthened via parent initiative and student support.   

How you can help:

  • In Terms 1 and 4, Icy Poles are available for purchase for $1 with all proceeds supporting the Breakfast Club.
  • The initiative is parent funded and operated and would welcome donations of bread, cereal, milk and yoghurt, or fresh fruit. To donate these items, please leave goods with Reception at Officer Campus.
  • If you know of a local business that would be happy to support the ongoing work of Breakfast Club, please contact us.