Awards Night and Graduation – Officer Campus
Tuesday 10 Dec - Tuesday 10 Dec

Parents, staff and students gathered at Officer Campus on Tuesday 10 December 2019 to mark the official graduation of VCE students, with awards presented across all year levels.

This year marked a historic moment for the college, when the first Year 6 cohort at Officer Primary graduated for the first time. Premier Year 6 graduates were presented with a certificate and took ownership of their new College blazer. School Captains and House Captains were also announced and congratulated by the outgoing respective captains.

Among the categories of non-academic awards presented were Spiritual Leadership, Citizenship, Sporting Achievement. Congratulations to all students throughout Prep to Year 12 who collected awards in these categories. 

At a special pre-Awards function, Year 12 graduands and their families were hosted for nibbles and drinks in the library prior to the award ceremony. The graduands dressed in their gowns and were presented with their graduation sash, a gift from the college. The graduands received an official welcome and the Primary Choir opened with a musical piece, accompanied by a keyboard and strings arrangement. Later in the evening, the Secondary Choir conducted by Mrs Marcelle Rogers performed ‘Love Like This’. 

Campus Principal, Mr Sonny Aiono welcomed guests, staff and students, along with visiting dignitaries for the evening from Adventist Schools Victoria. Several staff members were officially farewelled for 2019 as they take up new adventures, maternity leave or new positions within sister schools. The Early Learning Centre students also held their special graduation ceremony to the delight of the audience, marching in their robes and caps, ready to take their next big steps into prep next year. 

When it was the graduand’s turn to take the stage and be presented with their VCE certificate, the handover was an important moment. It was the culmination of their years of primary and secondary education, marking a final year of dedication and hard work, and becoming an offical graduate.

Congratulations, Class of 2019.



Photos of Awards


Student Academic Awards

Year 7

Andrew Asseno (Excellence in Health and Physical Education)

Hanna Jarra (Excellence in Indonesian; Academic Improvement Award)

Mily Jenkins (Excellence in Indonesian; Excellence in Visual Art)

Anastasia Morton (Excellence in English; Excellence in Music)

Ella Tarburton (Excellence in Science)

Matthias Waterstone (Excellence in Design and Technology)

Kayla Beveridge (Excellence in Mathematics; Excellence in Humanities; Excellence in Food and Nutrition; Dux of Year 7)


Year 8 

Logan Ah Tune-Cocker (Excellence in Science; Academic Improvement Award)

Ciera Erika (Excellence in Mathematics; Excellence in Health and Physical Education)

Nyabhana (Bernie) Kulang (Excellence in Food and Nutrition; Excellence in Design and Technology)

Durety Legamo (Excellence in Visual Art)

Leah Smaller (Excellence in Music)

Ryan Tavaziva (Excellence in Indonesian; Academic Improvement Award)

Eden Aiono (Excellence in English; Excellence in Humanities; Dux of Year 8)


Year 9 – Subject Excellence, Academic Improvement and Dux Awards

Anneta Leitu (Academic Improvement Award)

Richard Tiron-Grozav (Academic Improvement Award)

Elijah Macgraw (Excellence in Health and Physical Education)

Jessica Kacavenda (Excellence in English; Excellence in Mathematics; Excellence in Humanities; Excellence in Science; Dux of Year 9)


Year 10 – Subject Excellence, Academic Improvement and Dux Awards

Amber Grice (Excellence in 2D Visual Art)

Caleb Hull (Excellence in Design and Technology; Excellence in Systems and Technology; Excellence in VCAL Work Related Skills)

Thomas Rowe (Excellence in Digital Technology; Excellence in Digital Media, Academic Improvement Award)

Justin Vasquez (Excellence in Music)

Mikayla Walker (Excellence in Health and Physical Education; Excellence in Food and Nutrition)

Casey-Anne Watson (Excellence in 3D Visual Art)

Georgia Manzat (Excellence in English; Excellence in Mathematics; Excellence in Humanities; Excellence in Science; Excellence in Music; Dux of Year 10)


Year 11 VCE – Honours, Academic Improvement and Dux Awards

Esteban Berrios (Honour in Psychology)

Elijah Doumias (Honours in Business Management; Honours in Psychology)

Jayme Griffin (Honours in Media Studies)

Concy James (Honours in General Mathematics; Honours in Psychology)

David Molina (Honours in Media Studies)

Kaeyah Mousaco (Honours in English; Honours in Health and Human Development; Honours in Psychology; Dux of Year 11)


2018 Year 12 Dux

Each year the College wishes to honour the Dux of Year 12 from the previous school year.  The Dux of Year 12 is determined by the overall highest ATAR score obtained by a student within the graduating VCE class.  Recipients of the College Dux Award receive a certificate and a medallion. The College is pleased to announce the 2018 Year 12 Dux…

Gabrielle Lyall


Duke of Edinburgh Award

Ava Foster-St Mart (Bronze)


La Trobe Leadership and Community Service Award 

Alana Saluni


Avondale University College: President’s Scholarship

Zoe Ellins


Sanitarium Information Technology Excellence Award

Thomas Rowe


Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program

Georgia Manzat


Caltex Best All Rounder Award

Jake Locop

VCE Results

Year 11: Dayna Crees: Intermediate VCAL Certificate

Year 12: Tadiwanashe Danha: Honours in English, VCE Certificate

Zoe Ellins: Honours in Art, Honours in Business Management, Honours in English, VCE Certificate

Caitlyn Fred: VCE Certificate

Jake Locop: Honours in Biology, Honours in Chemistry, Honours in English, Honours in Health and Human Development, Honours in Mathematical Methods, Honours in Psychology, VCE Certificate

Jacob Macgraw: VCE Certificate

Nyengir Mayan: VCE Certificate

Joel Oketa: Intermediate VCAL Certificate

Ruth Richards: Honours in Business Management, Honours in Health and Human Development, VCE Certificate

Nyawarga Ruach: VCE Certificate

Tanisha Sabadin-Sidaya: VCE Certificate

Alana Saluni: Honours in Business Management, Honours in English, VCE Certificate

Nyakuich Tang: VCE Certificate

Leighan Te Huia: Excellence in VCAL Numeracy, Senior VCAL Certificate

Connie Toilolo: VCE Certificate

Brooke Wilson: Excellence in VCAL Literacy, Excellence in VCAL Personal Development, Dux of VCAL, Excellence in VCAL Numeracy

Tibesso Abduro-Witago: Honours in Business Management, VCE Certificate


2019 Heritage College Dux

Jake Locop