Stand Tall Fun Day 2020
Monday 3 Feb - Monday 3 Feb


Setting the culture amongst staff and students on campus is vital to begin the academic year well. Combining the student body from the Narre Warren South and Officer campus, the annual ‘Stand Tall Day’ is an opportunity to explore the four core college values of Excellence, Resilience, Service, and Respect. 

Each learner is allocated to a House (Elliott, Jackson, Landy or Court), and put through their paces by several challenging activities. Students participate in a large-scale capture the flag game, use teamwork to complete the ‘Mr Camps Challenge’, and a variety of service-orientated activities for the community.

Snack stations are provided with water bottles and fresh fruit served to hungry students after each activity. Lunch is shared on campus by all students, and parents are welcome to attend the official Dedication of the college on Monday 3 February 2020 from 1.40pm at Officer campus. 

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