Family Fun Day Sunday 23 February Wrap Up

Melbourne turned on the picture-perfect weather for the first Family Fun Day, held on Sunday 23 February at Officer campus. 

The Home and School Volunteers (with faithful families in tow) arrived on campus at 8.30 to begin preparing and setup. By 11.30, approximately 150 parents, staff and students had arrived (mostly primary families, and good to see some secondary families) for the fun and games on the green. Participation in the Family Games was fierce as parents joined in the fun. The day’s classic games lineup included: 

  • Egg and Spoon Race – mixed competition
  • Sack Race – child relay / parent relay 
  • Three-Legged Race – Parent/child teams
  • Tug-O-War – Parents V children (over 70 children vs 16 parents)
  • Water Balloon Relay

As an added incentive for games participation, additional House Points were up for grabs, contributing to the Inter-House competition tally. House Points were calculated as 3-points to 1st place, 2-points to 2nd place, 1-point to 3rd place. The talented Home and School Volunteers tallied points as below:

  • Red (Jackson) – 120 points
  • Green (Landy) – 170 points
  • Blue (Court) – 180 points
  • Yellow (Elliott) 250 points

Lunch for 180 was catered for and well-received on the lawns by families. Despite the barometer nudging 30 degrees plus after lunchtime, parents and children had a fantastic time mixing and mingling, sharing a meal and getting to know one another as part of the Family Picnic. 

A big thank you to all who attended and the Home and School Committee Volunteer team: Liza, Julz, Louissa, Rochelle, Shanandoah, Rebeca, Rachel, Don and Sonny. 


Carmel and Pania

Home and School Committee