Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop, additional cases and outbreaks are expected in Victoria as this illness continues to affect members within the broader community. It is important to keep families, students and staff updated on the response and preparedness by the college to deal with such an event. Regular updates can be found here


The symptoms of Novel Coronavirus can range from mild illness to pneumonia. Some people will recover easily, and others may get very sick very quickly. People with Novel Coronavirus – COVID-19 may experience:

  • Fever;
  • Flu-like symptoms such as coughing, sore throat and fatigue; and
  • Shortness of breath.

If you or your child presents with a combination of these symptoms, please self-isolate, get tested and only return when you have a medical certificate. 

Please note if your child is unwell for ANY reason they should not be sent to school.  Please self-isolate and go to the doctors. You do not necessarily need to get tested for the virus.  Your child can return when he or she is well. 


Good Hygiene practice – at home and on campus

  • Wash your hands with soap and water, before and after eating, and after going to the toilet. Try to avoid touching your face, including eyes, nose or mouth. One way to become infected is to transfer the virus from a contaminated surface to the face or mouth by touching.
  • Cover your cough and sneeze, disposing of tissues, and using alcohol-based hand sanitiser.
  • If unwell, avoid contact with others (stay more than 1.5 metres from people).


Returning from travel abroad or contact with Coronavirus patients 

A letter to all families of the college dated 10th March, advised that self-isolation must happen in the event that:

  • You have left, or travelled through China or Iran, 
  • You have left, or travelled through the Republic of Korea on or after 5 March 2020; or
  • You have been in close contact with a proven case of coronavirus.

It is recommended you are checked by a health professional during this time and self-isolate for 14 days. The Victorian Government’s Health Channel provides up to date information about isolation periods and can be accessed here


Ongoing planning and risk assessment

In addition to the responses outlined above the college continues to monitor advice from the Government.  Heritage College leadership is complying with all guidelines regarding travel restrictions and will update the school community as soon as we are aware of further developments. 


Thank you for working together to support each other through this important process.

Mr Sonny Aiono