Heritage College Supports Educators in Training

Heritage College supports educators-in-training by partnering with Chisholm TAFE through the Education Support Program on campus.

Dilisani (Dili) and Sharma can be found on campus throughout the week and are due to complete studies in Cert IV Education Support. As part of their ongoing studies, both are required to complete a number of hours of classroom experience to supplement their learning. 

“Dili and Sharma do a wonderful job of supporting the educators in class”, says Education Support Coordinator at Heritage College, Coral Fokkens, who supports educators-in-training while completing their studies. “We teach them skills they wouldn’t get through classroom-based learning. Educators-in-training fit in very well on campus and many love the community so much that they come back – we’ve employed a couple of students from after their practical training has finished.” The partnership is mutually beneficial, saying “we receive so much value from our educators in training as they receive from us”.

Undertaking a placement at Heritage College as a Teacher’s aide, Dilasani enjoys supporting in the art room and working with students with special needs. “We gain a lot of experience through the teachers, the staff are nice and we appreciate the opportunity. I love to be with the children, to support them and doing things with them”, she says.

Sharma says she approached Heritage College whilst undertaking her studies at Chisholm TAFE. “It’s been good, I support the Year 1 class and help with developing their numeracy skills, such as maths testing, tracing, counting and recognising numbers. It’s a good learning experience for me, to help in the classroom. I’ve never worked in a school before. It’s very different from a kindergarten which is activity-based learning, but in primary school, I find the classroom time is more structured.”

Students must complete 100 hours of placement that contributes towards their accreditation of Cert IV in Education Support.