Year 7 Orientation Day 1: Woodwork with Mr Camps 

This week, Year 6 students attended Officer Campus (Secondary) to participate in the first Orientation Day as part of the Step into Secondary program. 


The first session introduced students to Wood Technology with Mr Camps, who was keen to show the soon-to-be Year 7 students around the Wood Tech environment. Mr Camps showed the students some of the work in progress by Year 10 students, including a skateboard, coffee table and Lego display cabinet. 


Mr Camps talked about working with wood and other materials and shared with the students what they would be making during the two-period session. A short safety session was held, including the importance of staying safe in the Wood Tech space, wearing goggles and taking safety precautions whilst using the equipment. 


Mr Camps (with support from Mr Eales and Mr Schubert) assisted all students to make their own object to take home – a spinning top, made from wood. 


Students measured the timber, marking it to the millimetre, used the drill press with assistance and practised their sanding skills. Upon completion, the students tried their hand at spinning their creations with success. 


The next Orientation session will be held in Week 9 of Term 2, on Mon 20 June 2022 with Ms Baxter in Food Technology. Further details will be supplied as they come to hand.