School Production 2022: Jonah – A Fishy Tail!

It’s almost School Production time!

Primary students in Years 3 to 6 have been working hard to present “Jonah – A Fishy Tail!” – an exciting musical production with a balmy summertime feel.

Following the story of Jonah and his adventure on the way to Nineveh, Jonah the Musical is a fun and lively story packed with humour. The nautical sea-themed songs are wonderfully catchy and full of character.

Families of enrolled Primary students are invited to attend the special VIP screening of Jonah – A Fishy Tail! on Thursday 23 June 2022 from 6:45 pm to be held in the MPC at Officer Campus.

Further details can be found in your inbox or email Reception for further information:

For more information on Jonah: A Fishy Tail!, visit