Year 7 Orientation Day 2: Food Technology with Miss Baxter

This week, Year 6 students attended Officer Campus (Secondary) to participate in the second Orientation Day as part of the Step into Secondary program. 

The session introduced students to working in the kitchen with Miss Baxter. With Year 8 students on hand to support, Miss Baxter divided the class into smaller groups to work together. 

Miss Baxter shared with the students what they would be making during the two-period session: mixing different ingredients together to make a batch of ANZAC biscuits. 

With Mr Eales and Mr Schubert on hand to support, students worked together, following instructions and undertaking a sensory analysis of three different recipes, discussing flavour, texture and colour.

While most biscuit batches were a success, some students found that they had underestimated the quantity required of the solid materials required, such as flour and sugar. Students learned quickly to adapt, improvise and overcome to ensure the recipe turned out as planned.

Finally, students learned the value of keeping their workspace clean and tidy, sweeping, wiping and cleaning after the session. 

Thank you to the Year 8 students who supported this program.

The next Orientation session will be held in Week 4 of Term 3, on Wednesday 3 August 2022 with Mrs Gillard in Art. Further details will be supplied as they come to hand.


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