Year 7 Orientation Day 3: Art with Mrs Gillard 

Last week, Year 6 students attended Officer Campus (Secondary) to participate in the third Orientation Day as part of the Step into Secondary program. 

The session introduced students to the Visual Arts classroom with Mrs Gillard. After a brief introduction, Mrs Gillard spoke to the students about working with various mediums and learning about different artists in Visual Arts, using Wassily Kandinsky as an example. 

Wassily Kandinsky was a Russian artist who pioneered abstract art methods, associating emotions and music with colour, shapes and lines.

Students were asked to listen to four types of music in the classroom: classical, rock, jazz and electronic. After listening to the different genres, students were asked to draw how the music made them feel, and create a Kandinsky-inspired artwork as a result. 

With support from Mr Eales and Mr Schubert, Mrs Gillard assisted students to make their own pieces of abstract art, using the art media of watercolour, charcoal and soft pastels.

The next Orientation session will be held with Mrs Axiaq in Science. Further details will be supplied as they come to hand. 


What the students say:

“I liked doing the art at Officer. I got to discover patterns and use different colours and techniques.”~ Robera

“Mrs Gillard showed us that art can look very different and that it should be something that we appreciate.” ~ Nyabiel


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