Heritage College Canteen

Our new canteen opened earlier this year with a fresh new menu!

Welcome to our new Canteen! My name is Julia, I am the canteen manager, and I’m passionate not only about cooking but most of all about healthy cooking! I’m very excited that our canteen’s shelves are not empty anymore but now full of delicious ingredients.

In our busy life we all hurry and often neglect our health. Although we know how important a healthy diet is, sometimes we simply don’t have enough time and choose processed food or fast foods and snacks that are easy and tasty but not necessarily the best choice for our bodies, especially if it’s not just occasional food. Preparing a healthy and nutritious meal doesn’t need to be very time consuming or complicated.

You might have read in the Bible the story of Daniel (Book of Daniel, chapter 1) and the example of how important it was for Daniel to eat healthy food and what difference it made to his health, process of learning, gaining wisdom and strength.

That’s why this year we’re introducing a completely new menu with freshly prepared goodies, homemade style, packed with fresh, healthy and nutritious ingredients. We’re also introducing simple but healthy snacks like fruit salad or fresh veggie snacks.

View the new Term 4 menu here.

During the school year we’re also planning to run a couple of special treat days like a Burger or Hot-dog Day, Soup Day and others. Each term will also have some new items on the menu to meet different needs during cooler and warmer days.

Please remember that now we have a new ordering system. All orders must be placed each Monday by 9:30am.


Canteen Days:

Tuesday – Narre Warren South Campus

Wednesday – Officer Campus.


Please note: Students are not permitted to buy any food over the counter – all food must be preordered.