Kinder Room Routine

The Early Learning Centre rooms are a bustling hive of activity during the week. Below is a typical overview of what to expect when your child is enrolled in the centre. 

What is a day like in the life of the Early Learning Centre 3 and 4 Year Old Programs?



The Early Learning Centre rooms are a bustling hive of activity during the week. Below is an overview of what to expect when your child is enrolled in the centre. 

7AM Centre Opens.

Breakfast is served until 8AM.  Children settle in with supervised activities. During this time, both kinder aged children and primary school-aged children enrolled in Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) activities.

8AM Playtime and morning activities.

The morning routine is established by centre facilitators and educators. 

8.30AM Morning Devotion.

A short morning devotional is carried out each morning. During this time, we say goodbye to primary school-aged children, and Sessional Kinder Program Begins for the day for 3 and 4 Year Olds. Mat time happens with building literacy with songs and stories.

During Terms 2 and 3, we leave for Bush Kinder around 9.30, and take our boots, hats and coats to go exploring. We eat morning tea on site, arriving back to campus around midday.

10AM Morning tea is served.

Children are served a platter of fresh seasonal fruit. There are usually three or more varieties to ensure a good nutritional range.

10.30AM Indoor / outdoor time.

Children are accompanied outside for outdoor play. Despite the weather, children play outdoors using bikes, use the sandpit, play games and other activities.

11.40AM Encounter program.

After Indoor / outdoor time, the children pause to take part in Encounter time – a bible story accompanied by a short lesson and a song. Everyone has a chance to take part in the discussion and share their thoughts.

12.00PM Lunchtime.

Time for lunch! Children are seated for lunch at their tables. Children eat from their own lunchboxes during this time. 

12.30PM Quiet Play or Relaxation Time.
After lots of social interaction in the morning’s program, it’s time to settle down for some quiet time. Blankets and pillows are set out for younger children to take a short nap. Books and puzzles are provided for older children who do not sleep. Relaxing songs played quietly helps little ones to settle.
1.30PM Learning activities.

Art and crafts, tabletop activities, literacy, other room activities. Primary school playground, sport in the Multi-Purpose Centre or participate in special events. During Term 4 sees regular visits from the Year 5 buddies.

1:45PM Afternoon Tea is served. 

All children sit at the tables to enjoy a snack together.

3:00PM Sessional Kinder Program Finishes.

Kinder friends say goodbye! Children enrolled in the Integrated Kinder program (with Long Day Care) stay until their designated collection time.

3:30PM Small group educator-led activity.

Children share mat time together, play games, sing songs and develop important social skills in the process. 

4:00PM Integrated Kinder Program Finishes.

Students join Primary Aged Children for Out of School Hours Care program in the OSHC Room, adjacent to the Kinder Room.

6:00PM Centre closes.





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