Heritage College Scholarships
Heritage College Scholarships
Heritage College believes in developing the individual in all facets of human endeavour; academic, spiritual, emotional, physical and social. These characteristics are best developed in a Christ-centred, serving and caring environment. Our goal is to encourage students to develop these characteristics, and attract students who strengthen college culture in this direction.

The scholarship program at Heritage College recognises student excellence, including sporting, academic, community leadership and creative arts. Scholarship recipients demonstrate excellence in one or more academic areas and commit to contributing to college life while supporting its Christian ethos. Scholarships are awarded based on examination results, performance in current school reports, NAPLAN tests and at interview.

Heritage College offers a limited number of academic scholarships to prospective and enrolled students each year. Students with advanced academic standing, sporting, leadership or creative excellence are encouraged to apply.

Scholarships are offered on a three year basis, commencing on the year of entry. 

New students entering Year 7 who are exemplary in conduct, lead in community service, achieve academically or excel in a particular sporting discipline. Enrolled students continuing into Year 7 or Year 10 who meet the above criteria are also encouraged to apply. 


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