Year 8 Camp

Our Year 8 Camp at Philip Island is a great way to build resilience by facing new challenges.

Our Year 8 Camp is popular with every Year 8 cohort. It is a time where students have the opportunity to bond outside the classroom environment, build new friendships and create memories that last a lifetime.

Year 8 Camp at Heritage College is held at Victoria’s famous Phillip Island Adventure Resort. For three three days and two nights students camp under the stars of the southern hemisphere. Students participate in a variety of activities such as high and low ropes, team initiatives and challenges, raft building, and a nature night program. The highlight activity is surfing, where students head to Smiths Beach with qualified instructors and learn how to surf. By the end of their visit, most students are confident to catch waves standing up.

At night, students nestle around the campfire, roasting marshmallows and damper. Another popular activity is playing ‘Capture the Flag’, where Homerooms compete against one other for bragging rights for the remainder of the academic year.