Year 9: Step Up

Year 9 students are exposed to a range of experiences that develop resilient personal qualities, and in doing so, find that they can succeed in an ever-changing world.

Beyond offering a traditional educational experience in Year 9, Heritage College takes students outside their comfort zones with the ‘Step Up’ program, challenging students emotionally, physically and intellectually in a supportive environment.  The aim is to provide opportunities to help students understand that intense learning can happen outside the classroom, and to develop their leadership and teamwork skills.

Students are given experiences that require them to work together to solve common goals and make decisions both individually and collectively to achieve specific outcomes. Through these experiences, students find that they challenge themselves and negotiate with others to achieve success. This is achieved with experiential learning activities in the form of four expeditions, training days, excursions and other events.

Why take risks?

Research shows that the best learning occurs when we experiment, when we explore, and try new things.  Educators are also aware that the development of a strong, emotionally-resilient self is the ultimate key to lifelong learning and to meeting the challenges of modern life. A resilient person takes calculated risk, is not afraid of challenge, is prepared for change and knows how to cope with adversity. A resilient person has insight and self-knowledge, and confidence in his or her ability to succeed.  Equipping students with resilience is one of the fundamental building blocks of leadership, and a key goal that the program aims to achieve. Year 9 students are challenged to ‘do hard things’.

Duke of Edinburgh 

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is offered to students participating in the Year 9 program. Read more about the Duke of Edinburgh Award here.

Discovering God

Students develop a deeper understanding of the human-divine relationship— between self and the Creator.  Together, students explore and examine important personal values that give each individual a purpose.

Celebration Night

Heritage College hosts a Celebration Night event to commemorate the Year 9 group after their challenging year. This is a night of food and drinks, friends and family, presentation and celebration.


Read more: download the Year 9 Program 2022 here.