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Event Information

We've broken down this event into a number of tabs, to make navigation a little easier. Please navigate through to find what you're looking for.

What are bump-in/out times?

  1. For Vendors:
    1. Opening Time: 9 a.m. This is when vendors can start setting up their stalls or services.
    2. Closing Time: 6.30 p.m. By this time, vendors should conclude their activities and start wrapping up.
  2. For the General Public attending the event:
    1. Gates Opening: 11 a.m. Attendees can start entering the event premises from this time.
    2. Gates Closing: 5 p.m. This is when the event officially ends for the public, and attendees should exit by this time.

This structure ensures that vendors have ample time both before and after the official event times to set up and dismantle their stalls. The general public, on the other hand, has a specific window during which they can enjoy the event. Please ensure that you have a high-vis safety vest on during set up and pack up of the event.

Power, Water and Wifi

Sites have been designed with specific utilities in mind. Those that require power have been strategically positioned close to areas with electrical access, ensuring that vendors or attendees needing to use electronic equipment can do so with ease. While water is available, its access is limited to particular sites, making it important for visitors to plan ahead if they have water-related requirements. On the technology front, there's a notable absence of Wi-Fi. This means that anyone requiring internet access should be prepared to use their own device's cellular network, hotspotting as necessary. This could be particularly essential for vendors processing electronic transactions or attendees wishing to stay connected during their visit.

Marquee or Shading

While bringing a marquee is encouraged for those who have one, it's by no means mandatory for participation. However, it's worth noting that Melbourne's weather is famously unpredictable. One can experience a sudden shift from clear skies to a downpour in a matter of minutes. Attendees should be aware that there won't be any direct provisions made for protection against the sun's rays or a light drizzle, so having a marquee might be a prudent decision to ensure comfort throughout the event.

Pre-event Inspection

The 17th of November, is the date we have available for everyone to come and inspect the grounds. Please arrange with Tristan prior to this date if you wish to do so.

Below is the official sitemap for the event. You'll see numbers on these stalls, these relate to the numbers provided to you.

  1. Paul Manning Meditation
  2. Events. Personalised
  3. Masquerade Talent Studios
  4. Friends for Ever
  5. Lollipops Narre Warren
  6. Cheeky Munkey

  7. Bempowered
  8. Brentwood Neighbourhood Park

  9. Whitestone Landscaping
  10. Yellow Drama
  11. The Engraving Emporium

  12. Prime Property Buyers Pty Ltd
  13. 3jbeanz
  14. Mortgage Choice
  15. KC Garden Works
  16. Montalto Munchies (Food Stall)
  17. LeReve
  18. Personalise Support
  19. Myella Group
  20. Dear Archie
  21. Wowww Chocolates
  22. Rhema Ignite (Food Stall)
  23. Crafters Haven
  24. Skin Haven
  25. Perfect scent by Ange
  26. Potato Ninja (Food Stall)
  27. ASV Academy Cranbourne
  28. Homely Indulgence
  29. Miss Tilly’s Delights
  30. Lions Club
  31. Gmh Garden Care.
  32. Flora's Soaps and Oils
  33. Stamping Fair
  34. Bobster & Co
  35. Clera's Closet
  36. Casey SES
  37. Casey Fire Brigade
  38. ATA Martial Arts Academy
  39. Casey Police
  40. Heritage College
  41. Books to live by
  42. Revolve Dance Studios
  43. Bake Nest
  44. Pure MVMT, The Playground
  45. Kangaroo Courts
  46. Ice Screams (Food Stall)
  47. Boost Juice
  48. Kidz Party Wheelz
  49. Ardy's Jumping Castles

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Here is the image that you can use for the event as well.

Examples of how we used it internally as below: