Student Leadership
Student Leadership
Student Leadership is nurtured and valued amongst staff and students at Heritage College.
In Luke 12:48, Jesus declares that “ whom much is given, much is required.” Leadership places upon a student great responsibility by God and by the college community.  Student leaders, therefore, need to be developed and nurtured by staff and parents alike.  

Formal Leadership

At Heritage College, all students are encouraged to apply for the formal positions of leadership.  The formal positions of leadership include:

  • School Captains (two for primary and two for secondary)*
  • House Captains (two for each college house - primary and secondary)* *All captains qualify for Student Representative Council (SRC)

Other formal positions also include: 

  • Captains for college sports teams
  • Secondary music bandleader
  • Performing arts leaders
  • Primary school buddy system for prep students
  • Student Representative Council (SRC), where students can have a voice in decision making at Heritage College as well as being involved in wider community projects. Students are trained in meeting procedures and take turns in chairing meetings as well as minute taking. SRC is for both Primary and Secondary students.

Informal Leadership

Heritage College encourages leadership throughout the informal processes of everyday classroom life.  In every class, students are encouraged to show Christian leadership and be a positive role model and example for others in the class.  

Outside the classroom, there is the need to be a leader while in the playground and interacting with other students in the college.  Leaders will do the right thing, at the right time, to help and guide others.

Naturally, the older the student, the more leadership opportunities will become available.  


Leadership in all spaces

Students at Heritage College are therefore encouraged to become leaders in their specific classrooms, in the school courtyard, at school assemblies and events, as school captains, in the student council and consequently, in the community.