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Family Funday

Sunday Funday

Why a local Family Funday?

Local communities have their own unique vibe, and it's the hometown businesses that keep it real. Heritage College is all in for supporting this local spirit. When locals put together an event, you know it's going to be genuine and full of heart. "By locals, for locals" isn't just a cool phrase; it's all about keeping things tight-knit and real. This isn't just another meet-up; it's about celebrating who we are. And with local businesses backing it, you can bet it's going to spotlight the best of our community. In a world full of copy-paste events, this one's all about homegrown goodness.

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How do I attend this event?

If you'd love to come along and support locals, we'd love to have you. You can either click the Attend button below or find the following details:

TIME: 11 am - 5 pm

DATE: 19th of November

LOCATION: 333 Centre Road, Narre Warren South, Victoria, 3806

What is on at Family Funday?

Food, Local Goods/Services and Activities.

We've got a lineup of awesome food trucks coming to our event, each serving up some tasty treats. Whether you're after savoury bites or sweet delights, there's something for everyone. These trucks aren't just about good eats; they're going to keep our energy up and vibes high all day. So, come hungry and get ready for a day full of flavour and fun!

"Buy local, from locals" is all about supporting our community. At this event, every market stall is run by someone from our neighbourhood. Shopping here means you're backing local talent and helping the local economy grow. Plus, you'll find unique items and maybe even bump into some familiar faces. It's more than just shopping; it's about celebrating and supporting our community together. Come see what our locals have to offer!

We've packed our event with fun for the kiddos! There's a Jumping Castle for endless bouncing and the Chair-o-lift for a cool bird's eye view of the event. But that's just the start. We've got games, crafts, and loads of other activities to keep the young ones entertained. So, while you're exploring the event, the kids will be having a blast in their own special play zone. Bring them along for a day of fun and memories!

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