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Welcome to our international students


exchange program

Students from Japan spend eight weeks at Heritage College twice-yearly to experience Australian culture.


We welcome all international students to apply

In partnership with the Australian Institute of International Understanding (AIIU), Heritage College hosts students from Japan as part of the popular ongoing Cultural Exchange program.

Hosted by families from within the school community, Exchange Students study with the Year 10 cohort and engage in varied lingual activities, and learn from the Australian curriculum on campus. While off-campus during their downtime, students learn about Australian culture, lifestyle, foods, and recreational activities.

Amidst their studies, Exchange Students practice English with the AIIU Coordinator. This takes the form of practical activities and regular outings to practice speaking to the public or gaining information they can come back into school and talk about.

The students spend the last few days of their time celebrating their experience with the Year 10 cohort. Host Families are invited onto campus, a special Secondary Chapel is held and the Year 10 students host a Farewell party for their outgoing friends.