Primary School
What Heritage College Primary Offers You
At Heritage College we strive to provide a quality Christian Education, reflecting a holistic learning approach, catering for the development of the mind, body and spirit of all students.

To assist our students in achieving their potential, the expansion of their skills and the development of positive self esteem, we encourage and develop four key values throughout our learning programs. These values are Excellence, Respect, Resilience and Service.

At Heritage College we also believe that the best learning occurs when teachers and students work together to make learning joyful and engaging. This is achieved through students being given a wide range of opportunities to reflect and show their strengths, skills and interests throughout their learning journey.

We also believe that technology has the power to transform the classroom and pave new ways of thinking, new ways of sparking ideas, fostering creativity and expand our ability to collaborate and communicate.

In 2016, Heritage College began its roll out of our 1:1 BYOSD program, with students from Years 3 – 12 encouraged to bring a device to school to enhance their learning opportunities. Teachers utilise this technology within the classroom context to expand their teaching scope, with students having devices at their fingertips to begin and expand their creative and collaborative potential.

These learning opportunities and skills are all underpinned by the close monitoring of student progress, with teachers trained in the understanding of assessment styles and the importance of knowing where students are at in their learning journeys to help guide ongoing improvement.

Teachers at Heritage College track each child’s progress through a combination of experiences, observations, assessment tasks and standardised tests. This close tracking of student progress also allows staff to know exactly where students are at and to address any concerns they may have as soon as they arise.

The indoor and outdoor environments at Heritage College are designed to enhance our students’ learning experiences. With kitchen gardens being established across both our campuses, a nature based learning approach being implemented throughout our lower primary, a multi purpose gymnasium, a technology shed and a classroom home economics kitchen, our extra curricular programs allow for a varied and vast array of learning opportunities that are meaningful to them.