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In Art Class with Mrs Horne

In Art Class with Mrs Horne

Published on Monday 02 March, 2020

Year 2 students began experimenting with watercolour in Mrs Horne’s art class last week. Sketching an illustration inspired by the children’s book ‘The Parrot Tico Tango’, students explore technique in brush strokes and colour combinations. Upon finishing their water colour work, students will scan in their finished art and use the Enlight Pixaloop App to create short animations of their artwork.

Visual Arts is a vital element of the Australian Curriculum. In class, students are asked about concepts such as ’symmetry’ and ‘patterns’, using new terms to build vocabulary. Elements of literacy, maths and even cultural studies are incorporated into weekly lessons. In addition to developing skills such as hand-eye coordination, creative expression enables many other crucial skills to be developed.

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