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Step into Prep 2024

Published on Friday 16 December, 2022

As your child moves from the Early Learning years into the first year of Primary school, caring educators are on hand to help your little one become an enthusiastic Primary learner.

At Heritage College, we assist four-year-old kinder pupils transition into the Prep program seamlessly.

In Semester 1, Parent Information Sessions are held for enrolled Early Learning families and new families to meet the Principal, discuss enrolment timeframes with the enrolments coordinator and ask questions about the program.

Orientation Days are held in Semester 2 for Early Learning and new families to attend.

Leaving the kinder years behind is a big step. The Step into Prep program facilitates a positive transition to the classroom, that enables each child to feel secure, supported and nurtured. When the First Day of Prep comes, children are ready to take the next steps on their Primary school journey.

How do I know if my child is ready to go to Prep next year?

Nerves are commonplace prior to the commencement of a new journey. As a parent, you have the advantage of the most insight and understanding of your child’s abilities and capacity. Good indicators for readiness for the Prep year include displaying:

  • An awareness socially of others
  • Confidence to attempt new things
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Natural curiosity and participation in investigative play.

Your kindergarten teacher will also be a great guide as they have helped many a kindergarten pupil into their first year of school. First day of Prep nerves can be alleviated by having a strong relationship with your child's Early Years teacher, as well as acquainting your child with their new Prep teacher.

What can I expect at Prep Orientation Day for my child?

Prep Orientation Days are a way for our educators to connect with your child in a relaxed and informal environment. Orientation Days provide an opportunity to meet teachers and other families, spend time in the classroom and make new friends before the beginning of school. Prep is a wonderful time to make friendships that last a lifetime.

Learn more at the Parent Information Session

If you are considering Heritage College for your child in Prep 2024, attend the Parent Information Webinar in May.

Places for Prep 2024 are limited.

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