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Nepal Service Trip 2020

Nepal Service Trip 2020

Published on Thursday 12 March, 2020

At Heritage College, students are taught the foundational values of service, excellence, resilience and respect. Whilst students in primary and secondary years have opportunities to serve in their local communities, graduating Year 12 students experience serving in an International Project in Nepal at the culmination of their studies.

Throughout the year, senior secondary students work towards this goal by designing and implementing fundraisers to pay for their project. By participating in the Nepal Service Trip, students see how their efforts can directly improve the lives of others.

After VCE examinations are held at the conclusion of the academic year, staff and graduating Year 12 students travel to Nepal. The Nepal Service Trip provides an alternative for students to celebrate their graduation with service rather than 'schoolies' week. Held over 12 days, this year’s trip will be held between Sunday 22 November to Thursday, 3 December 2020.

In partnership with ADRA Connections, projects are planned to improve community access to educational opportunities. Project work is centred around a school and may include building, renovating, resourcing and training. Beyond the standard need for classrooms and amenities, students on the Nepal Service Trips have also helped to provide schools with areas and equipment for play and sports, which international research in education has proven to be essential for learning.

The group travels locally to see what daily life is like for the students attending the school the project is based in, to see how that community works together. These visits are a highlight with residents who are welcoming and eager to share their hospitality.

“I've been involved in the Heritage College trip to Nepal since 2012 and love every moment of planning and participating in the projects. This year I will host my sixth trip to Nepal. My passion for service was first ignited in university when I had the opportunity to participate in a One Mission Project to Aozora School in Bodhgaya in India as a pre-service teacher. This experience helped me to appreciate how blessed I am to receive a tertiary level education; an assumed right in Australia. I take less for granted now and hope that projects will help other young people to learn what they have, and help improves access to quality education in Nepal.” Elyse Taylor - Nepal Service Trip Team Leader

If you are interested to know more about Nepal Service Trip, Elyse Taylor, VCE Coordinator, is available to discuss all things Nepal and Senior Years. You can reach Ms Taylor on by email: e.taylor@heritagecollege.vic.edu.au.

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