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Performing Arts Announcement 2020

Performing Arts Announcement 2020

Published on Wednesday 19 February, 2020

This year kicks off with another exciting announcement as Performing Arts takes place as an ongoing part of the curriculum program at Heritage College.

The new offering of Performing Arts at Heritage College will cover Music, Drama and Dance and engage students in rich learning experiences each week where they can build, strengthen and grow their talents to confidently perform in a variety of ways.

What does the Performing Arts Program involve?

The new program this year will see Years 4-6 doing Performing Arts in Semester 1 and Years P-3 doing Performing Arts in Semester 2. Each week they will attend a session with Mrs Nobes as part of their core teaching. There will be a showcase at the end of each semester to allow parents to come along and see what their children have learned (dates TBC).

When are the Practice times for Band and Choir?

  • NWS campus:
    • Band - lunchtimes on Mondays
    • Choir - lunchtimes on Wednesdays
  • Officer Campus:
    • Band - lunchtimes on Thursdays
    • Choir - lunchtimes on Fridays

Are there any performances planned?

Open Night on Thursday 5 March is the first performance of the year, where students from the Narre Warren South campus band will perform. Other events include Open Night at Officer campus, church visits, end of semester Showcases and Chapel. Bands, Choirs and class groups will also have opportunities to share what they have been learning at Chapels.

Can students audition?

Performing Arts is a core subject that each student will be involved in as part of the curriculum.

Band and Choir are extracurricular activities that provide students with the opportunity to share and grow their talents for playing an instrument or singing, as well as allow them extra opportunities to build confidence in performing in front of others.

To join Band, students will need to demonstrate that they can confidently play their instrument and read sheet music or chord music (depending on their instrument). Students are welcome to speak with me if they are interested in joining the band and are given a trial period to allow them the opportunity to see if it is something they feel confident in committing to.

To join Choir, students need no prior vocal skills. They can simply come along and join in. A trial period of two weeks at the beginning of the year will allow students the opportunity to decide whether or not the Choir is something they wish to commit to for the rest of the year.

A commitment to attending practice each week and attending performances (whether they are on or off campus) for both Band and Choir is essential.

We look forward to building our wonderful Band and Choir in a new way thanks to the new program planned for this year! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at a.nobes@heritagecollege.vic.edu.au.

Mrs Alicia Nobes

Performing Arts Program Leader

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