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3 and 4 Year Old Early Learning Program at Heritage College

Published on Thursday 11 October, 2018

Our kindergarten program develops each child, supporting them to take calculated risks and learn through play-based experiences, building on their resilience and well-being for holistic learning.

Strong connections between the Early Learning Centre, family and community are crucial to a child’s learning and development. We welcome and encourage parent involvement and actively promote our parent connection.

At Heritage College, each child is nurtured, supported and included. Our educators nurture a love of learning, with a focus on health and safety and parent partnerships are embraced.


We develop each child by providing opportunities to engage in a variety of learning opportunities, through both indoor and outdoor play. Learning includes exploring the natural environment that surrounds the college, as well as ‘bush kinder’ experiences.

During bush kinder outings in Terms two and three, interactions with water, dirt, rocks, logs and trees foster a natural and holistic development of each child. Bush kinder affords a range of challenging and engaging experiences, to climb, explore and take calculated risks to develop a sense of self.


During each kinder session, group times are run on the mat at least three times a day. Songs are sung, nutritious healthy snacks are prepared from fresh fruit and vegetables for morning and afternoon tea and each child brings their own healthy lunchbox for lunchtime.

Both indoors and outdoors, the program is developed to incorporate a balance of structured and unstructured free play, which allows children to develop and learn at their own pace. 'Encounters with Jesus' is also an integral part of our day and is embedded into the program in a variety of ways to nurture each child’s spiritual development.


The kinder children integrate to college life throughout the year with involvement in chapel services and Orientation Days. In doing so, children become familiar with Primary school staff, other students and the campus grounds.

At the end of the kinder year, it can be an emotional time as many kinders operate as stand-alone centres, and each family goes their separate ways to nearby schools in the area. However as the Early Learning Centre is a key part of the college campus, the end of the kinder year is a time for celebration and looking forward to seeing friends again in the coming year. The Step into Prep program ensures each child has class time with the Prep teachers for the year ahead. This ensures that the children settle into, and become acquainted with their environment. Surrounded by friends and familiar faces, the children transition remarkably well to their first year in prep.

The end-of-year program concludes with ‘Presentation Night’ in Term 4, where friends and family are encouraged to watch the kinder children perform a special Christmas-themed number and participate in a special graduation ceremony.

Here’s what families have to say about Heritage College Early Learning Centre:

My son loves attending the Early Learning Centre at Heritage College Officer. He loves his teachers, being with his friends and he has lots of fun throughout the day. Through a private app, the teachers send us pics of him in action and are always exciting to see. In turn, we can like and comment on the images that they share. Best of all, he can learn and experience a little bit more each day of the love of Jesus. To the team and staff at Heritage College ELC, thank you for all you do!


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