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Father's Day 2018

Published on Tuesday 04 September, 2018

4 September 2018

Primary students from Heritage College Officer Campus hosted the annual Father’s Day morning tea for fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, uncles and special men in their lives. Guests enjoyed a lively connection and conversation over a scrumptious breakfast and participated in Chapel (with plenty of dad jokes) followed by fun photo opportunities together with their children and families.

The remainder of the morning was spent on our annual Father’s Day Community Service Walk, where students present a small pre-arranged gift to local dads as a way of saying “thank you”. Whilst Father’s Day is a day worth celebrating, it can also be a reminder of loneliness and separation from family members.

Our students care about reaching out to the fathers of the community where we live, work and play, and letting them know that they are remembered, and are grateful for their service and support.

Fathers play an integral role in building homes, building families and strong communities as a legacy for the generations. In this manner, they are worthy of our gratitude.

Following the excursion, we received a heartfelt message from one of the members of the community on the day:

“I would like to pass on my appreciation from the gift presented to me on Friday at Casey Central shopping centre. I was asked very politely if I was a Dad, I replied yes and the young gentleman presented me with a frog wrapped in a red parcel. He was extremely courteous and I would hope my grandchildren of a similar age would have been so polite. Thanks for the thought. It was very touching for my wife and I.”

Service is one of the core values of Heritage College. It underpins all that we do and all that we aspire to.

For students and teaching staff, our values of excellence, resilience, respect and service are more than important; they are lived out and impact others through acts of service in meaningful ways.

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