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Make Time For Adventure!

Published on Thursday 06 June, 2019

Build a sense of adventure into the life of your child, by planning out your next adventure. Aim for an adventure today, tomorrow, this weekend, and this year.

Do you remember the adventures of your childhood? If so, you might cast your mind back to a time when you felt the thrill of acting out a character from your favourite story. You might have been a pirate, forcing your sibling to ‘walk the plank’ in the confines of your backyard when your parents weren’t watching. Or you might have been a member of the royal family, with a crown atop your head and jewels around your wrists, ready to be rescued from a high tower. Or an adventurer, visiting foreign lands and seeking lost treasures abroad. Don’t you wish you had those days but for a little longer?

Nurturing and raising children is one of those times when you can live those moments again. Yet in today’s technology-soaked world, screen time can get out of hand and it can end up having unhealthy effects. As our lives are ever more reliant on technology, it becomes more challenging than ever to ‘switch off’ and engage with your child. During the little years, the key is to make time for fun and adventure, to keep things interesting, to enjoy the journey, and to create precious memories in the life of your child.

At Heritage College Early Learning Centre, our role is to partner with families to provide a nurturing, supportive environment for each child in our care. When children are free to explore, pretend, discover and take brave calculated risks, it develops confidence, coordination and resilience for physical and emotional well-being. Trained, supportive educators are there every step of the way to provide gentle guidance and direction.

During the winter terms, our 3 and 4-Year-Old Kinder Groups hold Bush Kinder outings, where children are free to pretend play. There they can climb, run and are free to explore the natural environment with the assistance of trained educators. We believe that being fully immersed in the experience of play is best for children - taking risks, building confidence and instilling a sense of adventure in the everyday.

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