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Thank You For Your Service Day

Thank You For Your Service Day

Published on Monday 24 February, 2020

A special assembly was held Monday 17 February to say ‘Thank You for your service’ to local firefighters from Officer CFA Volunteer Fire Brigade.

As part of the recent Stand Tall / Service Day project, primary and secondary students prepared over 300 gifts to share to the local volunteer brigades. Firefighters Sean, Nick, Roh and Caleb were on hand to receive some small tokens of appreciation from the primary and secondary students from their Service Day activities.

Students learned how Volunteers from the Country Fire Authority in Victoria, the Rural Fire Service in NSW and the Country Fire Service in SA have battled fire fronts over this year’s Fire Season, of which the impact on local communities may never be fully realised. Students had the opportunity to reflect on the work of the volunteers of the Fire Services as they perform recovery efforts and support communities on the ground to rebuild.

To conclude the assembly, two fire trucks were waiting outside for students to take a look through. Firefighter Roh and the team showed the 3 and 4 Year Old Early Learning Group, as well as Primary and Secondary students how to use the fire hose - much to the delight of the students! Afterwards, the firefighters were invited back for a special morning tea and met with senior secondary students who had plenty of questions about what it means to serve our community.

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